Serving Community & Nature

References & TestimonialsBuenas Cosas opened November 2011. Our first year we provided 6,820 kilometers of bicycle tours, 512 hours of English classes, planted 360 trees and 242 organic veggie gardens, raised 36 chickens and 5 goats, brought hundreds of participants from 28 different countries into Buenas Cosas’ Partner Communities, benefiting 1500 Guatemalan families and dozens of locally-owned small businesses.

Ecotourism or voluntourism - which works best for you?

During its first year, Buenas Cosas removed more than a ton of garbage from our Partner Communities, opened two new Community Centers, provided the first non-profit ecotourism trips to Tikal, El Mirador — and, of course, our secret spots all around Lake Peten Itza. With the support of our Partner Communities and hundreds of participants, Buenas Cosas’ first year was a success.

El Mirador Biggest Tallest Maya Pyramid in the World

Today we serve 20 Partner Communities and 5,000 families through our Guerrilla Social Development©. We owe all our success to our donors, ecotourists and voluntourists who support the good things we’re doing here in Guatemala. Thank You All.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,
the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

Our achievements and results prove the credibility of our approach to sustainable social development. Your financial support helps us convert more ugly tourists into green ecotourists, better serve existing ecotourists and bring more Good Things to the poor, rural Guatemalan communities and the thousands of families we serve.

Tikal Sunrise Tour

Our focus is ecotourism and voluntourism combined with opportunities to study conversational Spanish & Q’eqchi’. Choose a volunteer program or a language program. Combine your participation with language study for a complete immersion experience.

Buenas Cosas is a cooperative of Guatemalan women, a registered Guatemalan non-profitand a pending 501(c)3 — an association of family, friends and neighbors who serve their community and nature. Every cent that enters Buenas Cosas goes directly to communities, programs and projects that cultivate Good Things, Buenas Cosas.

Fun and Adventure in Peten

We serve our Partner Communities through the efforts of our participating volunteers and a variety of volunteer opportunities. Thinking about visiting or volunteering in Guatemala, consider Buenas Cosas. Come visit and have some fun helping us do more Good Things here in Guatemala.

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Visit Buenas Cosas and volunteer in Peten Guatemala. Study Spanish or study Q’eqchi’ with Buenas Cosas in Peten Guatemala. Or, just relax at Buenas Cosas and spend some time with the wonderful people of Peten. We support and enjoy good things, buenas cosas: peace, love, family, friends, community and nature.

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